G3 Made Simple
If you are interested in Gauge 3 / 2.5 inch gauge then why not join the G3FORUM ?
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The concept behind G3 Made Simple is to show that, with few skills and not a lot of cash, you can enjoy the pleasure of owning and operating a model railway in Gauge 3, the largest of the scenic scales (13.5mm to One Foot on 63.5mm....2.5 inch....gauge track). In terms of scale, G3 is comparable with “G-scale”, the difference being that G3 runs on scale Standard Gauge track.
This project will build into a repository of ideas and projects to help you achieve the goal of owning your own Gauge 3 models ,whether your ambitions be for a line in the garden, the loft or barn or simply locomotives and stock for display and running on the tracks of fellow modellers (The Gauge 3 Society has several members with garden railways which are regularly made available to members during the Spring and Summer months).
Problems can be overcome with the help of fellow G3 modellers via the G3 Forum which anyone with an interest in large scale model railways can join (send an email to admin@g3forum.org.uk stating your interests ).
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This project is in its infancy, so resources are limited at present but will build over time, so “bookmark” this page and watch developments.
John Candy
22nd NOVEMBER 2014

Construct Code 330 turnouts (same flat bottom rail as supplied with GRS track packs)