G3 Made Simple
Locomotive Project No. 1
A Live Steam 0-4-4 Tank
A step-by-step construction guide provided
by our contributor “Ginger”.
SAFETY WARNING : You should only undertake construction of this project if you are confident that you can safely accomplish the tasks without risk of personal injury. Suitable precautions should be taken against risks involved in using tools, by wearing appropriate safety equipment such as safety gloves, goggles and dust masks. Live steam models can be dangerous, are NOT TOYS and should be handled accordingly.
This project is NOT SUITABLE for CHILDREN.
This project has been developed by a well-respected and experienced model engineer and member of The Gauge 3 Society who wishes to publish under the pseudonym “Ginger”.
The objective is to produce an easy-to-follow plan for building a model live steam locomotive, using mainly commercially available parts and requiring the minimum of skills.
In regular instalments, the procedures will be laid out in convenient and easily understood format, including advice on where to obtain the parts required.
As part of this project, there is a Q&A section where questions may be asked of the author but please use this only to clarify points in relation to this project.
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